Alicia Julian Solis

Administrative Associate & Branch Operations Manager

Alicia has been a resident of the City of Guadalupe, California for over 45 years. She graduated from Saint Joseph High School in 1989 and attended Alan Hancock College for a couple of years thereafter.

Alicia began working for Robert Ogden's Accountancy Practice in her early twenties as his Assistant and Office Manager. Years later, when Bob became a partner in a local music academy, she also worked there as his Business Manager and Bookkeeper. In 2003, when Bob decided to open his own wealth management and planning practice, she became a part of his office there as his Administrative Assistant. Alicia took some time off to focus on her family, but when she did return to the workforce, she became a part of Reeder, Gilman and Associates Real Estate Appraisers in Santa Maria. She worked for this firm as their Administrative and Accounting Manager until they closed their doors twelve years later. In early 2018, Alicia began working for Bob again at Ogden Wealth Management & Planning Services as his Administrative Associate and Branch Operations Manager. Re-joining the Ogden Wealth Team was like coming home to family.

Alicia is committed to her family and friends, as well as her community and its people. She has been active with local non-profits and the school district throughout the years. She grew up in a family that has also been very active in the City of Guadalupe, and she and her husband (married since 2000) have carried on this tradition with their son and daughter. She is a firm believer in giving back and keeping small communities strong with tradition.

Alicia loves the Central Coast and its beaches, specifically Guadalupe Beach. She has wonderful memories of her family's surf-fishing, hiking, and the carefree days of playing until the sun went down. She enjoys spending time with her family near her birthplace (Merced) and playing in the Yosemite Valley and at Bass Lake. Her love of photography was found in these wonderful places, and she hopes to retire one day and do nothing but travel and take pictures of her kids and future grandkids.

Phone (805) 739-0455